11.- Latin for Drummies – Hi hat independence playing Candombe in 3/4 on the Drum set

What if we add some rhythm with the closed Hi hat?


When we play the ostinato on the Ride cymbal, our hi hat-foot it´s free to play! Let´s check some possibilities:

1. Pulse


Beside the popular concept of pulse, this is a very important element of Candombe.


In its traditional context each drummer plays standing and walk with his group on the street.


In order to coordinate the steps, you take the pulse as a reference and you make a step forward with one foot on beat one and three and the other foot comes along on beats 2 and 4

Applying this to our groove:

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2. "&"


In order to create a link to the Jazz drumming, we can close the hi hat on the “&” of every beat:

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3. "Madera"


We could play also with the hi hat a 3-beat version of the “Madera”

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Adding this to our groove:

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Usually it´s played between 80 and 120 bpm. That´s a good practice reference

I hope you enjoy this interpretation and you can apply it to your playing. Have fun!

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