7.- Latin for Drummies – Funkifying Candombe

Funkifying Candombe

There are two different elements that let us identify a funky groove: Ghost notes and hihat openings.

And as a comment I´d like to add all the subdivisions of sixteenth notes.

The funky-embellishment is based on this Candombe groove:

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First of all. Ghost notes, but…Where? Remember what the drums play in the traditional context!

We’re gonna use second-sixteenth notes from the Chico drum:

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How about a hihat opening? Where? Remember hand-played notes from the Repique drum:

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More opening possibilities

1st beat

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2nd beat

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4th beat

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As in funk grooves, you can make a two-bar melody.

For that, we’re gonna modify the fourth pulse of our first groove, using an accented second sixteenth note and one ghosted fourth sixteenth note.

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I hope you find this Interpretation useful for your music. Enjoy!


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