8.- Latin for Drummies – Near Cuban Interpretation of Candombe.


This approach has the main goal of creating a link to Cuban drum audio.

So, we’re gonna use a cowbell to make our ostinato combining it with a pattern played with hihat’s foot on a jam-block with a bracket.

For the ostinato, we’ll use two different tones. An “open tone” (O), playing the cowbell at the “mouth” (opened side) part and making a “closed tone” (C) playing the cowbell in the “back” (the middle).

Like this:

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Then, we can add the “Madera” pattern with our hihat´s foot playing a jam-block on a bracket:

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Now, let’s add the bass drum playing the “open tones” from the Piano drum:

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And, finally, completing the melody using the snare drum and the toms:

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Hope you find this Ideas useful for your music. Enjoy!


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