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          The many roads of teachers, coleagues and friends converge in this record. Where each one of them blessed it with their music. Eight tracks, thirdteen musicians and a many hours of work, let us confirm our identity through this unique production. Showing our singular approach of latinamerican music. Track list: 1.- Mugre (A. Strizzi) 2.- Bonita (A. Strizzi) 3.- Losevoiá (L. Casas) 4.- La Torcida (Jorge Fandermole, Arr. L. Casas) 5.- Todo Te Recuerda (L. Casas) 6.- Mogorpio (A. Strizzi) 7.- Zamba del Carnaval (Gustavo Leguizamón, Arr. L. Casas) 8.- Barrio Cordón (“Cacho” Tejera, Arr. A. Strizzi) Leandro Casas – Piano, Arrangements, Composition and Background voice (8) Agustín Strizzi – Drums, Arrangements, Composition, Chico, Repique and Piano drums (3 y 8), Bombo Legüero (4), Udú & accesories (5), Pandeiro (6) y Background voice (8) Guests: Gabriel García – Double Bass (except 4) Gastón Ramos – Voice (1 y 8) Lucas De Carlo – Bandoneón (1) Rafael Ferrero – Alto Sax (5 y 6) Miguel Crozolli – Tenor Sax (6) Alexis Spector – Surdo, Cuica & Agogó (6) Ignacio Martín – Tamborim, Frigideira, Pandeiro & Rebolo (6) Hernán Rodriguez – Voice (7) Guests Soloists: Juan Carlos Cirigliano – Piano solo on “Mugre” Alejandro Devries – Piano solo on “Bonita” Ricardo Nolé – Piano solo on “Barrio Cordón” Recorded, mixed and mastered by Fernando Bartolomé in Estudios Sol y Luna, on December, 2009. Amistad has been edited online by Clinical Archives. You can download it here. [publicidad]

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