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The 100 Gayest Spots You Have Had Intercourse | Autostraddle

On our very own
enormous Lesbian Gender Review
(open to all women who have sex with other females) we questioned you “what will be the weirdest place you’ve had intercourse?” and almost 7,000 of you gave united states the information on your own encounters in dressing rooms, restrooms, parking lots and wooded areas throughout the world!

While assembling a listling of weirdest locations you had intercourse and compiling numbers about the place you’ve had gender for a post devoted to that subject, we progressively realized another listling possibility was actually there in my own open fists â€” the queerest, gayest, most yes homo, many yes queen, a lot of super-special-snowflake spots you have it on. Shall we?

The 100 Gayest Places You Have Had Sex

1. For the crowd at a Pride Festival

2. The back of a Jeep next to a beaver pond. You got that right. Beaver. Pond. A pond with a whole group of beavers inside.

3. the rear of a U-Haul. It wasn’t in movement.

4. at the Smith College Library in a hurricane

5. My ex-boyfriend’s house or apartment with my personal brand new sweetheart

6. A nunnery tower

7. The can yard at a recycling cleanup place

8. Work of LGBT Affairs

9. On a table full of crafts….at

10. An unbarred area during a folk event

11. In an upstairs area within SPCA after considering puppies with my girlfriend

12. an active grocery store parking lot near our very own donor’s home — the fresher the semen the higher right?

13. The shed of our own neighborhood garden

14. In My Own ex-girlfriend’s bed, although not along with her…

15. The rear of a Prius on Mt. Feelings

16. Residence Depot

17. The Hampshire College Or University Senior Venture Platform Treehouse

18. Army training female showers in Afghanistan

19. Finney Chapel, Oberlin University

20. An alcove of a condo building on Castro Street in bay area

21. On the floor of a rave while performing tantric pilates

22. From inside the bush

23. My personal school’s Gay-Straight Alliance workplace

24. In my own sorority house. With my sorority sister. During initiation.

25. Girlfriend’s moms and dads’ wardrobe (and in addition we had been both in the dresser at that time so as that’s exactly why it actually was odd)

26. In a stairwell of a co-op household

27. In the center of a rugby pitch at night

28. Under a fruit tree close to a carpark stuffed with nuns

29. At a Miley Cyrus concert

30. In a jail mobile while seeing my personal girlfriend (she actually is a cop)

31. The Mount Holyoke Amphitheater and many places within the library

32. IKEA

33. Throughout Rocky Horror Visualize Show (“Toucha Toucha Touch Me”)

34. The Catholic liturgy part (amazingly accidental) of Neilson Library at Smith College.

35. Throughout the ferry to flames isle

36. When you look at the pit at an Otep tv series

37. about convention dining table from the Seattle Gay and Lesbian Chamber of business with a lady I’d merely found.

38. When we happened to be on our way to Brighton she pulled upwards in a car park which had “dyke” in name. It must be done.

39. Pitchers mound on a baseball diamond at a softball event

40. The cellar of a bike store

41. Underneath a table (the pulpit) in a chapel. Particularly, the chapel belonging to my previous All-Girls Catholic secondary school.

42. Against a wall outside the Wildrose in Seattle

43. In a cob household constructed on a queer farm with a straight lady

44. On a bus enclosed by men and women on the way to a protest

45. Burning guy strap-on-a-thon

46. While operating a power sander at a career site

47. Her boyfriend’s household

48. toilet stall at a 90’s prom after asking their to the stall “to acquire a tampon”

49. The rear of a Suburu Forester

50. Woman Scout Camp on the grounds of a Catholic Church

51. The bathroom of a homophobic cult/restaurant

52. Klub Deer

53. In the sleep of her ex’s truck

54. In a memorial yard under a sculpture from the Virgin Mary. If I was not currently on the road to hell…

55. From inside the restroom at Stonewall Inn

56. My personal top garden (that’s not an euphemism btw)

57. Dolly Parton concert, while resting inside the audience

58. A gender-neutral bathroom inside my university’s research building

59. The bathroom within Lex? Jk all of us have intercourse indeed there

60. Second-hand bookstore, amongst a collection of classic ladies’ regular mags

61. Right in front line of a Broadway tv series

62. back at my Women’s Studies professor’s work desk (maybe not along with her)

63. In a dressing area while prom dress purchasing using my girl during the time

64. In a bookstore in downtown Montreal

65. The toilet of a lesbian-friendly Strip Club

66. At a Pagan shrine in Ireland

67. In a very little extremely messy bathroom with a pet close by and parents when you look at the various other space without lock regarding the doorway

68. Walk-in cooler at a bali vegan restaurants

69. A tent at Coachella

70. Dolores Park

71. On a farm, inside the homophobic farm owners shower

72. UCLA’s botanical gardens

73. collection of Congress subclass HQ, fourth flooring, Mudd collection, Oberlin university. Ohio is actually a pretty unusual devote basic to have sex.

74. The breastfeeding area within shopping center

75. In a yurt tent from inside the French Haut-Savoie

76. Rodeo bathroom stall

77. On course 17 driving from Santa Cruz to SF. She was operating with one hand down my personal cutoff short pants. very HAZARDOUS and therefore HOT. And totally profitable might we include.

78. The image booth at a gay club

79. Back seat of my vehicle during the parking area of an activities bar during a Denver Broncos game

80. On a rent shuttle filled with Rollergirls

81. I’ve had such intercourse during the woods/outdoors that I no longer look at it an unusual way to have sex….. raise your voice to A-Camp, yo.

82. In the office associated with LGBT class I belonged to in university

83. Club bathroom at Crib in san francisco bay area! Oh, are wasted, underage, and unapologetic.

84. Together with a climbing tower, using harnesses

85. on sidewalk in Palm Springs, in the exact middle of the day. Sober.

86. The Ladies’s Resource Center

87. On a pilates pad, outside

88. taking a stand against the straight back wall of limited unlit stage in the center of the playa during Burning Man… while some one obviously circled around on a bike

89. In/on a tractor…yeehaw y’all!

90. Inside backseat of a mini-van at Lilith Fair

91. On a moving bike, while outfitted as Buzz Lightyear (gogo boots, green and purple tutus, and inflate wings), getting fingered alternately of the driver and another exactly who kept speed beside all of us on our very own means home from a strip nightclub in Key western.

92. On a golf program

93. Dont laugh: a fishmonger.

94. The YWCA Parking Area

95. Inside the stands of a racetrack while a horse-race was actually going on

96. In a wardrobe (We hardly had gotten through it, we were laughing as well damn tough)

97. On a general public pavement during a punk stone block celebration all round the day festival

98. Inside a confessional at St. Patrick’s Cathedral

99. In a class room at UC Berkeley

100. Inside the vehicle at a drive in. At a Harry Potter film. The embarrassment.

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