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St.A it´s the trio with whom I play my compositions.

The proposal of the trio holds on 3 points: Groove + Interpretation + Improvisation.

The fact that each of us comes from different cultural and musical contexts, allows us to color the music and take it to unique and singular places.

The musicians:

Thibault Falk (FRA) – Piano & Keys

Martin Lillich (GER) – Bassello & Effects

Agustín Strizzi (ARG) – Drum, Toys & Composition


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Imagine you could shrink yourself to fit in an old clock and see the precise mechanism at work.
Pornogroove is a similar experience: a perfectly tuned system that sucks you in with shameless grooves, chews you up and spits you out again!


Birgitta Flick – Tenor Sax
Nico Lohmann – Soprano Sax
Thibault Falk – Piano & Fender Rhodes
Martin Lillich – Bassello
Agustin Strizzi – Drums & Composition