Because each student is unique and has their own learning speed, tastes in music, and musical aspirations, I customize my coaching to create a personalized and fulfilling learning experience. Whether you are looking to start or wanting to develop and master specific aspects of your playing, my one-on-one sessions will help you reach your individual goals. Lessons can even be provided to start or further your arranging and composition skills.
Whatever it may be, I am dedicated to getting you to where you want to and helping you cultivate the areas you need to develop. I will share with you all I´ve learned and more than 10000 hours of international teaching experience, concerts played in over 15 countries, and more than 100 written and arranged compositions.


  • Städtischen Musikschule Potsdam
  • Kreismusikschule Potsdam-Mittelmark
  • The PlanetDrum
  • Drumtrainer Berlin
The sessions can be held in either English, German, or Spanish.  
Contact me today for more information on how to begin!