Team Building Workshops

Playing together is a transformative, once in a lifetime experience!
It allows us to understand the different roles within a group, how to interact among each participant, and how it all combines into working together toward a collective goal. With this team-building workshop, groups can experience the enormous power of learning and performing as one. This activity is specifically tailored to the needs of groups and companies looking to create or improve their team spirit.
I created this seminar based on the two most considerable aspects of my life: Music and Companies. My Marketing University degree and extensive background in preparing workshops for various companies ensure a professional, worthwhile setting for your group. As an expert musician with vast teaching experience and concerts played internationally, I am able to provide a unique experience where participants will explore and improve their group dynamics.


  • Die Deutsche Kammerphilarmonie Bremen | Gewoba
  • ZPOP Education
  • Musikschule Potsdam | Beruflichen Schulen Potsdam 
  • The PlanetDrum | Musikhaus Thomann – Novovax – BMG 
  • Chorverband Berlin
The Workshop can be held in either English, German, or Spanish.
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